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The Spiritual Life office is located in a beautiful purpose-built space in Ida Noyes Hall (034).

The Spiritual Life office offers (s)pace amidst the bustle of University life for reflection, for integrative spiritual practice, and for the religious life of the many world traditions represented on campus.

  • Contacts including Spiritual Advisors and confidential resources can also be found through Instagram below for students with the app. 
  • Instagram has our most current event and office information while our site is being redeveloped.



A student-focused program

Through Spiritual Life programs, students make new friends from diverse traditions and backgrounds. They find space to engage in integrative spiritual practices, including those that cross traditional boundaries, and they can join in campus-wide programming or become part of the Spiritual Life Council or Spiritual Life Collective, two groups that meet for interfaith collaboration. 

Spiritual Life also offers wellness activities (such as daily meditation), discussions fostering religious literacy and applying the power of rigorous inquiry to questions related to religion, and support for students looking for others who share their own interests and practices. More than twenty religious advisors of diverse traditions work with Spiritual Life to assist students of all backgrounds on their individual spiritual paths. Visit the office to learn more, or check out the Instagram page!

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